Fantasy Sculpture Gallery

'Something Magical this way comes!'
Explore the Fantastical Realms through the Artwork of Aaron Hofman.
Aaron has been sculpting since early childhood and formally trained in
Fine Art in Newcastle, New South Wales.
Aaron draws inspiration from the Mythological and Metaphysical
to create some truly Divinely Inspired, Magickal works.
Aaron's sculpted Figurative works exude Emotion and Mysticism, and are imbued with Natural Crystals, Semi/Precious Gemstone, Precious Metals,

and objects from nature such as Driftwood.

"Each piece is a Story unto itself"

Aaron creates 'One of' Sculptures as well as a small range of individually hand painted collectible Original Artworks.
Find his Artwork in person displayed at:
Soto Collective
95 Burwood road, Hawthorn, VIC, 3122, Australia