The Dryad Enchantress

This Forest beauty weaves her Magick from Deep in her Forest home.
Mystery surrounds her..
No one knows whether she is a living aspect of Nature, incarnate from the natural pools and currents of energy that lie
'neath the Ancient Forest Floor,
perhaps a Nature Goddess in her own right, or possibly
a Hedge Witch that has been practicing Nature Magick so long
she has become One with Nature herself..
She is the mother of the Forest
and all its creatures know and respect her, seeking her Wisdom, Healing and Potent Forest Magicks in times of need, and acting as her Eyes
and Ears throughout the Vast Forest.

Hand sculpted from scratch by Aaron Hofman,
this amazing 'One of' Collectors statue incorporates
Driftwood, a few different types of Faux Moss, Copper, Polymer Clay,
a hand cut & polished Welo Opal Third Eye Accent Stone and a
Deep Purple Amethyst Sphere
Measurements TBA