Barn Owl pendant with Blue Labradorite hand made by sculptor artist Aaron Hofman of Soto Collective. Owl pendant, Barn Owl pendant, Owl Totem pendant, Owl Totem necklace, Owl jewellery, barn owl jewellery, Barn Owl Totem jewellery, Totem jewellery, Totem pendant

Barn Owl Totem Pendant with Labradorite

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Barn Owl is a very Magickal Totem. Represents the ability to hone in on what you need when all seems dark around you. Clairvoyance and Clairsentience. These Owls hold a definite Magickal Presence!

Labradorite is known as the stone of Magick and Manifestation! Aiding one in creating the vision and manifestation of one's perfect life.


Copper Electroformed pendant, presented on Leather Necklace in a Soto Collective Giftbox.

All pieces are formed over lightweight professional grade substrate and so are quite robust and light to wear for their size. Due to the nature of the process required to make these pieces, each piece is entirely unique and one of a kind. All of our Relic range is hand made with love, passion, all care and intent, by our master craftsman Aaron Hofman. To see more pictures and videos of our amazing works or to request a commission please follow us on social media.