Crowned Lion Totem pendant
Crowned Lion Totem pendant
Crowned Lion Totem pendant

Crowned Lion Totem pendant

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L I O N   T O T E M

The very symbol of Nobility,
Strength and Courage!
When Lion Totem comes to you
it is urging you to
Tap In to your natural Leadership abilities!
a very masculine Totem associated with Solar Energy and Radiant Positivity!
The Valor and indomitable Prowess
this Totem brings helps one to
chase down your goals fearlessly!
Seek Lions help to achieve hard to reach goals
that require much exertion,
or for those whom are seeking
the energy of Leadership.

Copper Electroformed Pendant,
featuring a Citrine Spirit Quartz point.
Spirit Quartz crystals energetically hold the template of group cohesion
and facilitate harmony in relationships, families,
the workplace and social gatherings.
They assist Lucid dreaming and Astral Travel and
help facilitate alignment with the
Crown Chakra and ones life purpose.
This Lion sports a Unique Limited Edition Crown.
Presented giftboxed, on  leather necklace
All pieces are formed over lightweight professional grade substrate
and so are quite robust and light to wear for their size.
Due to the nature of the process required to make these pieces,
each piece is entirely unique and one of a kind.
All of our Relic range is hand made with love, passion, all care and intent,
by our master craftsman Aaron Hofman.
To see more pictures and videos of our amazing works
or to request a commission please
follow us on social media.