Dragon Totem with Rhyolite Relic Necklace
Dragon Totem with Rhyolite Relic Necklace

Dragon Totem with Rhyolite Relic Necklace

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D r a g o n


Meddle not in the affairs of Dragons, For you are crunchy, and taste good with Ketchup!”


Forever have Dragons been known for

their ferocity, intelligence, wisdom, tact,

Magick and hoardes of jewels.

Dragon is a fierce Totem indeed!

The pentultimate in personal protection

and fundamentally Fortuitious.

Let Dragon Soar into your life, showering

you with wealth and protection!


Rhyolite, also known as Rainforest Jasper, is said to enhance self esteem, self worth, self respect and deepen the acceptance of our true self. It helps us to heal old emotional wounds and to deal with challenging circumstances calmly and with inner strength.
This piece of wearable art comes giftboxed, on leather necklace as pictured.

All of our Relic range is individually hand made with love, passion, all care and intent, by our master craftsman Aaron Hofman.

Due to the nature of the process required to make these pieces, each piece is entirely unique, one of a kind, robust and light to wear for their size, formed in 99% Pure Copper

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