Mystic Elder Wand
Mystic Elder Wand
Mystic Elder Wand
Mystic Elder Wand

Mystic Elder Wand

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Hand sculpted One-of a Kind Wand by Artist Aaron Hofman.

Features a Golden Rutilated Quartz generator, light Amethyst Sphere, 2 Labradorite Cabachons and Polished Chunk, 2 Epidote Crystal Clusters and a Polished Chunk of Peridot! Wrapped in Black Leather.

At the Base is the Mystic Forest Elder, with a beautiful Amethyst Sphere nestled in his Antlers, Labradorite Third eye stone, Epidote Crystal Clusters and Peridot Chunk throughout his Beard.

The other end has been sculpted into a Forest Log, full of mushrooms and leaves, with a Baby Owls face sticking out of the hole in the log! Features a Labradorite Cabachon and the Main Clear Quartz Generator with Golden Rutile.

Tasmanian Oak Wand Core runs the length of the Wand, Connecting the Point to the Sphere.

The Elder is a One of a kind design, and the baby Owl is an as of yet unreleased design both by artist Aaron Hofman.

Labradorite is known as the stone of Magick and Manifestation, helping one to align with 'Your best life' and bring it into existence in co-creation with the Universe.

Epidote relates to the Realm of the Fae, aiding in communication with beings of the Devic Nature Realms and Peridot is a great 'Heartstone', aiding in opening your Heart to Joy and Confidence as well as opening the mind to new levels of awareness. Helps reduce Stress, Anger and Guilt.

Amethyst is The stone of Transmutation, assisting in transmuting negative energy back into the Neutral Energy of the Universe.

Golden Rutile Quartz is said to infuse your body with Divine Light and energise your Chakras, a powerful healing gemstone with an Angelic Vibration.

Altogether an amazing Collectors or Practitioners piece!