The Complete Essential Oils Sourcebook

The Complete Essential Oils Sourcebook

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Did you know that heady jasmine is a warming antidepressant and aphrodisiac, also great for stress and sensitive skin?

Or that consuming herbal tea with elderflower canhelp prevent hay fever? Why not apply lavender water during and after a flightas a prevention against jetlag?

Written by leading aromatherapist Julia Lawless, the text is authoritative, accessible and clearly broken down for instant and easy reference.

Featuring a visual profile of 65 individual oils, comprehensive reference guide on treating common ailments, and stocking the perfect home medicine chest, this sourcebook is an essential guide for amateur aromatherapists and practicing professionals alike. Complete with detailed photographs throughout, learn how to ensure you’re buying and storing oils to retain their potency and the best treatments for individual oils to treat specific complaints—from beauty and stress management to chronic ailments and ill health.

The Complete Essential Oils Sourcebook is beautiful, authoritative, and comprehensive—a must for any aromatherapy enthusiast.